One common misconception is that cell phones are irreparable once exposed to liquid. This is not necessarily true as there are many instances where electronics can be salvaged to full operation. It should also be noted that when a cell phone malfunctions due to it’s exposure to liquid; it does not necessarily mean the device had been submerged or immersed into the water.

Being in the cell phone industry for many years, I’ve run into hundreds of cell phone users who are often are unaware how or when their cell phone got wet. Things we do daily increase the risk of damaging what most would define as the most important electronic device we own, our cell phones. They go everywhere they go, which allows them to become exposed to the various hazardous conditions around us. A single drop of rain, one bead of sweat, wet hands or even perhaps condensation from extreme changes in our ambient temperature will do it. Some of the more common incidents which are usually obvious are accidentally washing the phone in the washing machine, jumping in a swimming pool with it in the pocket, leaving a phone in a vehicle’s cup holder etc. Whichever the case, a wet cell phone means trouble and the end user will most likely notice some sort of malfunction sooner or later.

Not recommended

Many people, out of anxiety will immediately attempt to power up a wet cell phones in an attempt to know whether their device would still work or not. 1 TIP Do not power any electronic device on while it had liquid inside. If you do, it greatly increases the chance it no longer will. This action alone might be the difference between a salvageable cell phone and one fit for the trash.

Online Remedies

You will find many remedies on the net on how to save a wet cell phone like using rice, kitty litter or silica gel to absorb the liquid from within the cell phone. I recently laughed at several others internet post recommending putting a liquid exposed cell phone in a microwave or convection oven or using a hair drier to heat the cell phone allowing the liquid inside to dry. While this may work temporarily, allowing the internal components to dry advances the corrosion process which is not the best option for a long term solution.

A Cell Phone Technician

As with most damages that are caused by liquid, it is important to respond to the problem as quickly as possible. Response time is critical because liquid does not require long periods of time before it dries, corrodes then becomes destructive.

Aside from being able to cause short-circuit if a power source is present, the acidic impurities that water and many other forms of liquid carries as well as its reactions to impurities that are already present on the circuit boards remains after the water or liquid dries up. The presence of oxygen causes oxidation and the corrosion of the metallic portions of the cell phone begins. Skilled cell phone technicians who specialize in liquid damage repairs would know to rate the corrosion before attempting to repair based on several questions asked and avoid wasting your time.
If your cell phone has been exposed to saltwater I recommend rinsing the phone with tap water to dilute and remove the saltwater as it is highly corrosive and will begin to corrode rapidly and possible become irreparable within hours.

Having a technician service your device does not in any way guarantee 100% probability of a successful recovery. It does however increase the chance of a successful recover of the device and its data.

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