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Cell Phone Technicians Training Centers offers a wide variety of classes on all the subjects pertinent to making your existing business a success. We offer classes at two real repair centers, and we also offer training at a site of your choice.


You don’t have to Start from Scratch …

  • Our business instructors will provide you with the knowledge necessary to make money in this niche market.
  • Our technical instructors will equip you with the technical qualifications to handle most cell phone repairs, including both board and component level.
  • Our on-going support and on-site training option will provide you with tips & tricks from industry experts. We’ll keep you up-to-date with technical bulletins to provide you peace of mind and confidence while earning money running your business.


We’ll teach you Everything …

Cell Phone Technicians offer Level I and Level II certifications classes for the beginner. Advanced students can take advantage of our Level III and iPhone repair courses. Cell Phone Technicians also offer industry specific training and assistance in sales, management, operations and marketing.


Each course is developed to help students learn new skills and to develop mastery of those skills through hands-on application, reinforcement, and interaction with our instructional staff while in a fully established and successful cell phone repair shop designed to maximize the students ability to run and manage a repair business.



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