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Today’s super-accelerated developing of cell phones have resulted in a shorter life cycle and a more frequent need to upgrade technology. To maintain pace with the competition, corporations must be able to integrate new technology and dispose of obsolete equipment while effectively managing the financial impact.

Cell Phone Technicians end of life, product disposal and liquidation program was created to maximize the residual value in corporations obsolete equipment by providing cash value help defray the cost of new technology.

We help organizations reclaim the maximum value from re-sellable equipment by working with clients to identify the right channels including end-user, reseller or wholesale markets to redistribute equipment. We protect the identity and integrity of our clients by removing all trace-of-origin identifiers on retired equipment including asset tags, embedded security devices, market labeling and corporate branding.

Our current client base consists of many vertical industries including, but not limited to, healthcare associations, engineering and construction firms. The typical client has between 500 and 3000 cell phones with some clients as small as 50 cell phones.



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