Did you know you can get wireless AMBER alerts on your cell phone? We found a few programs that allows you to set it up on your device in seconds. It’s really simple to do - When you opt-in to the program, you will get an AMBER Alert text message anytime one goes into effect for [...]


Wet Cell Phone Remedy

On March 22, 2012 By

One common misconception is that cell phones are irreparable once exposed to liquid. This is not necessarily true as there are many instances where electronics can be salvaged to full operation. It should also be noted that when a cell phone malfunctions due to it’s exposure to liquid; it does not necessarily [...]


Simply follow the FREE iPhone Screen Protector Link to like Cell Phone Technicians on Facebook.  You will receive an iPhone 4 Screen Protector free of charge when you visit a Cell Phone Technicians store.  No purchase necessary to get your free iPhone 4 screen protector. Limit one [...]


Apple iPhone 4 Glass Digitizer Touchscreen Replacement / Repair Service Repair parts and service for faulty / damaged glass lens digitizer touchscreen on your Apple iPhone. Parts include one digitizer to get your device operational in perfect cosmetic condition. With Genuine Parts and Service from Cell Phone Technicians, your handheld device gets the treatment [...]


“Sexting” usually refers to sharing nude photos via cellphone, but it’s happening on other devices and the Web too. This practice can have serious legal and psychological consequences, so – teens and adults – consider these tips!

Eric J. Hatch from Cell PhoneTechnicians in Richmond Virginia said, “whether if it’s on your iPhone or IPod, [...]


Our Carbon Footprint

On January 1, 2012 By

Every year a record amount of consumer electronics are sold. In most cases, last year’s model ends up sitting in a drawer. In the worst case scenario, it ends up in a landfill. At Cell Phone Technicians we are committed to protecting the environment and reducing everyone’s carbon footprint in the communities in which [...]


Given the large number of mobile phone users, it is important to investigate, understand and monitor any potential public health impact.

Erin Mitten, with Cell Phone Technicians in Richmond Virginia, repairs cell phones, he has heard it all.

“In your owner’s manual, it does say to keep your phone about an [...]



Cell Phones are notoriously fragile devices, and cell phone screens are particularly likely to suffer damage at some point or another. All it takes is one fall from the table for the screen to become damaged, and many people signal that as a time to upgrade and spend hundreds of dollars [...]


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